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First Item For Sale

DIS Item

It has been a desire of mine to provide others with automotive things to personalize their cars.  I am not a business man nor am I a master mechanic or engineer.  I just have the dream to one day design things for my personal vehicles and if others would want them I would share.  For the last year I have posted on this site with little information I know and my ups and downs of my projects.  Now as stated before I have something to sell and is ill because first of a few in the near future.


Even Super Street Magazine installed one

Installing A Circuit Sports DIS Ignition Amplifier – Project Car Magazine.

It is a direct ignition system for the Nissan 350z or Fairlady Z33 as it is known in other places in the world.  It is made by Circuit Sports and has yet to be installed on any vehicle.  If interested please follow the link here.

Prices will be different for those in North America and International with each having a link.


New Y-Pipe

Finally the y-pipe came in so now I will not have a horrible restrictive one.  I am keeping fingers crossed that the top end will benefit from this y-pipe.  The reason I opted for this one was price based as it will be a temporary thing.  I have plans for the exhaust set-up in the future, soon I hope.

IMG_0617 IMG_0618

Yes I also added the DEI spray to the y-pipe.  One must remember to cure the pipes after painting so…..


I think they are ready


One day soon they will be installed

Dreams of a Supercharger….GarageMak Z33 SC550

People always ask, supercharger or turbocharger?  My thoughts on the matter is what exactly are you going to use it for (the vehicle), what characteristics do you prefer on power delivery, and is vehicle noise an issue for you.  Both can provide mass amounts of power, both can be reliable, both have been used in motor sports and production cars.  For me it all depends on the type of car it will be on because if i love the N/A noise it make then I will seriously consider supercharging and if not then turbocharging would be best.  Superchargers, at one time, had a sound of an annoying cat.  That all stopped when the Rotrex superchargers came out on the market among others.  Now I am not one that is interested in the big horsepower numbers although that would be great fun.  I think this 350z by GarageMak out of Japan can sum up what i would be looking for….

This Z has a Rotrex unit on the VQ35HR.  I believe the unit is a C38-81 but do not quote me on that.  Now if it were turbocharged the high pitch note would be obsolete due to the gases of the exhaust being recycled.  Where the supercharger is nothing more than an air creator and feeder not a recycler, therefore keeping the high pitch noise of the engine.  Case in point….

Here is the same run without the music if interested….

It comes down to preference within each and every person how they want to modify THEIR car.  They both work the same.  Each have one up on the other on certain things.  But my choice for a Z33 with the VQ35HR would be a supercharger (Rotrex), and in retrospect on the VQ35DE I would go turbocharged.  What would you pic for your vehicle and why?   Til’ next time…

Motordyne ART Products – Fact Or Fiction – Import Tuner Magazine

Well the performance of my exhaust in power and in cabin noise could be better.  So when the chance for a huge discount on some Motordyne ART Pipes came along I jumped on them like a cheetah on an impala!!!  Those not familiar with these pipes can refer here…

Nissan 350Z Motordyne ART Products – Fact Or Fiction – Import Tuner Magazine.

artpipes1 artpipes2

I was imprest with detail as the insides have beed sprayed with a thermal barrier to keep heat inside the pipes.


Then for extra security they installed packing where the O2 sensors plug in.  Purpose i see here is extra barrier to prevent a check engine light from appearing, incase the extending sensor tubes are not long enough.


as pleased as I am with the pipes I felt a little extra something was in order…


This spray is similar to what motordyne did to the inside of these pipes. The heat protection in 1500 degrees farenheit, and I am not sure how that compares to what they had already done. This is after first coat.

artpipes6 artpipes8

And final product!!!!


Exhaust Stage 2

I have alway said to myself modify within your means.  If it works then it works, and function comes before looking good.  I go by this simply because the car is built for me.  Well that can backfire at times as the muffler guts have been killed.  Funds are a bit limited more times than not, so, it is time to settle on what works.  T hat would be a Megan Single exhaust (Drift Spec).


Overall the sound has an intoxicating high pitch tone to it.  Unfortunatly I had to put Walker resonators in the Megan Y-Pipe to quiet down thedrone in the cabin.  Yet I would say it is still there.


Another thing to note are the bends that can be seen.  They are, to me, unnecessary in some areas.  One, that can not be seen, is a kink near the sway bar the literally decreases the size and circular shape of the piping.

ex2 ex3


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