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On my bi-weekly trip to the bookstore, in the Transportation section, something had caught my eye that left me curious.  A white magazine with bold lettering visible at the top (an inch almost in header form) was covered by the masses of other car magazines except for that inch.  What those letters combined, naturally, making up three words that had me itching my head.  They were: Driver…Hero…Legend.  I went to grab and lifted the magazine away from the others, to see what was on the font cover.  To my shock was a picture of an Impreza in a Rally race and above it the word McRae.  Like a child opening up a gift for their birthday I inhaled, sounding as if I were about to go for a swim, and sat down to open it and look at the pictures.  Autosport Magazine did a full Limited Edition Magazine on Colin McRae.  To me he stands as one of the great ones in WRC and a pure talent in Motorsports.


He was with Subaru most of his career but had made a few jumps to other manufactures (Ford, Skoda, and Nissan for one make race)


This is the manufacture that most knew him to race with…Subaru.  He was the one that put  them on the map in the automotive world.



This was an interview not that long before his accidental death….


“inexpensive and built to stay that way”-WRX

The title speaks volumes as it is/was one of Subaru’s slogans.  I could imagine that is what caught the eye of the owner of this WRX.

cali1 It is a stock car minus the Perrin filter installed.  Clearly you can see it gets used based on the condition of the car.  Yet that is what it was built for was it not?  This model does have a history of rally racing.  In the owners eyes he does have a bit of rally racing every time he make a 100 mile commute to do his festive, monday-friday.  It will be interesting to see if this car can make it past 200,000 miles as it is not that far from it on original equipment.

cali2 cali4

I stand correctd…it has more than 1 mod. It also has interior mods in the form of a hula dancer on the dash


Just goes to show some are content with what they have and do use specific vehicle for what they were made for…..til next time



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