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SA22C Project

I finally found some pics that were posted right before I purchased the vehicle so here we are.


The wheels are old school volks and to be honest I haven’t a clue as to which ones so if anyone would like to chime in please do.


The front headlights are a one off and are currently not hooked up so hence not legal.  But the fog lights work quite well.  You can see the front mount intercooler



The wing will be coming off to make room for a whale tail down the road.  Yet I also may just leave the trunk bare with out a wing of any sort.  For those interested in the type of wing it is a VIS unit that was purchased at a huge discount…needless to say I know why

24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194655177202404Words not needed.

24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194655454073860The tunning was taken of care of at T and R Racing out of New York.  The car put out 412 at 14psi at the rear wheels at a dyno day for all &s in the area.  There is plenty of room for more



24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194657745769480 24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194656418905260The pics are all I have for right now sorry for the water mark from Modified Trader.  More pics will com soon.


RWB pt.4 (Offical RWB Race)

As stated before RWB and its clients love nothing more than to drive.  So to cater for this the Idler Games hosted an all Porsche event specifically to get all RWB clients from around the world to race against one another.  The turn out was staggering to say the least as people with RWB cars from almost every continent showed up to race in the 12hr endurance race in their RWB cars…..presented by Spankin’ Fish Films

this one is from the same event in 2011 but brought to you by Luke Huxham

Education of the Veyron

There is no doubt about it, the Veyron is an engineering achievment.  Nothing came close to it on its public release.  I was doing research for a class and came across a “snip it” of the drivetrain and history of the Veyron.  The initial video I saw was in German, but through filtering managed to find the english version.  Hope you can get something out of it as I have….enjoy.

All copyrights go to their rightful owners, ‘Title 17 of the United States Code’

Love and History

Personally I tend to lean towards things (cars, motorcycle, trucks, clothing, toys, electronics) that have a history.  Maybe because it reminds me of my past in some form.  This can be seen in my choice of vehicles, and has been from early on.  The Z car for example has always been fascinating to me through out its years even though, when first introduced, my parents were still children.  And the same goes for Porsche as the 356 is a car that grabs me by my soul.  Here is a clip provided and created by Magazine out of Japan from their visit to Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

SRT4 Teaser incl. EG6

I was going through some old videos and found a dusty project that I would like to share.  For the past few day, I have led on that a friend of mine has a Dodge Neon SRT4 and figured I will show it in action.  Both these cars are/were daily driven and taken on numerous road trips.  As stated many times before, a sports car should in compass everything a car is fundamentally supposed to do.


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