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The SA22C for sale

Due to the Navy sending me places I figured I would make moving a bit easier on myself by getting rid of some things if have collected and one of which is the 7.  It pains me to due this but I am only having it up for one week.  The car has been sitting for sometime now and time is something I do not have at the moment. As one can see.



Please go to for sale section of page for more info and the links provided.



SA22C Project

I finally found some pics that were posted right before I purchased the vehicle so here we are.


The wheels are old school volks and to be honest I haven’t a clue as to which ones so if anyone would like to chime in please do.


The front headlights are a one off and are currently not hooked up so hence not legal.  But the fog lights work quite well.  You can see the front mount intercooler



The wing will be coming off to make room for a whale tail down the road.  Yet I also may just leave the trunk bare with out a wing of any sort.  For those interested in the type of wing it is a VIS unit that was purchased at a huge discount…needless to say I know why

24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194655177202404Words not needed.

24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194655454073860The tunning was taken of care of at T and R Racing out of New York.  The car put out 412 at 14psi at the rear wheels at a dyno day for all &s in the area.  There is plenty of room for more



24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194657745769480 24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194656418905260The pics are all I have for right now sorry for the water mark from Modified Trader.  More pics will com soon.

A new toy….Intro of SA22C

I have recently acquired a new addition to my project list and it has been on it for some time.  I am extremely infatuated with the rotary engine and the abilities it has for a car.  It did break my heart to see it no longer available for purchase, yet, it does seem it might make another appearance  in the near future according to Mazda.  But I am here not to talk about the auto manufacturer but rather a certain vehicle I have in my garage.

I am a die hard Datsun fan and always will be, actually, a Nissan/Datsun fan to be exact.  There will always be a spot in my heart for a nice rotary vehicle (I do like all vehicles but am a bit impartial).  I am happy to say I am the owner of such a rare car that only a few own and even fewer understand.

Mazda-rx7-1st-generation01‘That’s right I am the owner of a first generation RX-7 (SA22C).  It did come from the factory with a 12A motor that did dominate a year or two in the SCCA racing brackets and ran on the heels of all the datsuns, specifically the 240z.  The specific model I was able to obtain is a 1985 GSL-SE and came with all the “luxuries” it is known for.  The previous owner took the liberty of doing A LOT of modification on the vehicle before I was able to get my hands on it (I will provide a little spec sheet in the next couple of days).  Most of the work was done at T & R Racing and was shipped out to me after the owner had his fun.  Here is a teaser film of what it looks like compared to the above stock picture.

Back in the day the 240z and SA22C were always going at it in sanctioned races…so my question is, which do you prefer?



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