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BRE Interpart Mulholland Struts

I purchased some struts some time ago trying to keep with my theme of period correct performance parts. And to my shock I had some extra parts in a shed. One of which is a full set of Interpart Mulholland struts. These were sold in the 70s and the 80s as a aftermarket upgrade using oem springs or their lowering, stiffer springs.


they have seen better days but considering they are 30yrs old they still look and operate quite good.


The internal of the strut is oil filled not gas filled. Unfortunately, once these go bad they can not be rebuilt. Although there is a way to rebuild them but it required a lot of work and if not done correctly it can be a pain and also not give your Datsun a proper balance.


If anyone is interested in these struts do feel free to email or take a look in the classifieds.


240z HKS surge tank intake manifold….replica

I managed to get my hands on a unique item in that only a few have in the world.  It is a surge tank for a L series engine (240z, 280z, 280zx) to run a turbo or supercharger system with triple carburetors.  It is actually a replica unit of the HKS series 1 surge tank made from sheet metal.

IMG_20130616_170540 IMG_20130616_170554

Yes it was in a garage and forgotten for decades it looks like to me but I am curious if it can still work up to 1.1 BAR as that is the max on Mikuni Solex carbs I am willing to run.  On the upper right hand side you can see the location of what looks like to be a recirculating valve or discharge unit for extra pressure.

Looks like I have some residents in there!!!

Looks like I have some residents in there!!!

Below you can see the inlet where the air will be blown into.  Unfortunatley I will need to source some bolts for the cover as all but two are missing.  Then not to mention I will need a gasket to prevent any leaks of air.

IMG_20130616_170709 IMG_20130616_170729

You can see I may also need to repair some of the metal as the inlet distribution pipe is a bit dented. This will have an impact of air distribution to the carburetors on that side. It can make the carbs run rich and throw the efficiency off par.

There is the dent as stated earlier.

There is the dent as stated earlier.

Will this was a lucky find and a bargain to match at $180 USD. Maybe I can replicate this and provide to the masses this rare part. Only time will see.

F.E.T. Manifold

The Kanji translates to "Far East"

The Kanji translates to “Far East”

I managed to get my hands on a very rare manifold for the Datsun.  The manifold was created by racing tuner/business Far East Trading (F.E.T.) in the 1970’s in Japan.  Upon my retrieval of the manifold I noticed there were signs of the 35+ year old manifold but that did not turn me off from the purchase as did a few of the other things I realized of this rare piece.  First some background: It was said this manifold was actually made for the Japan only models of the 240z which contained the L20 engine and smaller carbs to match.  The carbs used were the 38mm Mikuni/Solex as these were the ones that match up on moderately tuned engines (L20).  The problem lays in the manifold has bore shapes for the 38mm carbs not the 40mm-45mm so common on the 240z U.S. engines (L24-0L28).  Interesting enough the manifold actually tapers up (increase in diameter) the closer it gets to the head.


In the picture above I managed to measure 40mm on the carb side of the manifold and 44mm on the head side.  Clearly fitting any 44mm carbs is out of the question on this manifold so this manifold is ideal for 38mm-40mm carburetors only and a mild cam cam.  Probably around 280 duration and less than .5 inches of lift.

IMG_0963 IMG_0964 IMG_0966

I ended up selling the manifold a few days ago for the sum of $260 (U.S. Dollars) as seen here in the pictures…minus the spider webs and one stud.  One thing to note as these are rare in North America the F.E.T. manifold is easy to find in Japan and most Asian countries for that matter.  There are better manifolds to be had for that kind of money and by “better” i mean better performance, not restrictive, better for idle, rarer, etc.  In fact F.E.T. came out with another manifold with an air balance tube going across all the inlets.  For my taste i would prefer the air balance tube and have my eye on one.

Neglected No More

I stated in a post sometime ago I always had a Z car.  Yet there was one car that I wanted but was scared of the age.  At the time I was not mechanically inclined and to be honest, to this day I am no mechanic due to time, lack of tools, which equals lack of know how on some things.  But I wanted a project car and thought it would be best if it were a car I cared about and really wanted regardless of condition.


Can anyone guess what it is?  To be honest there are a few choices that stick out I am sure……ok how about this?


Anything yet?  And the Navy banner has nothing to do with the car or will not hint as to what car this is.  Ok how about this angle?


Right, if that was not a dead giveaway I am not sure what to tell you.  There are only a few cars with the lines such as the ones I have shared.  The next one will confirm you ideas…….


Liberty Walk

To start off with nothing and make due with what you have.  That usually goes through the head of most petrol heads, at least until funds are availible.  This applies to all walks of life as Kato Wataru of Liberty Walk in Japan would agree on.  He started with a cheap used skyline in his early years and just fiddle with it.  Now he creates the most amazing exotic car pieces the world has seen.  And he does it all to cater to himself and has no problems cutting fenders on a Lambo.  To pick his brain and see his collection over the years went to go visit him…….


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