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AutoRama Texas 2013 pt.3

Here is the rest of the photos I managed to take before I had run out of room on the SD card….Naturally a MOPAR will start out ūüôā

Dodge1 dodge2 Dodge3 dodge4 dodge5

I felt this would have been just as good a Bumble Bee Car.  This next one is a car I would want if I were a traveler

stationwagon2 Stationwagon1 stationwagon3 stationwagon4

As I turned around there was an all Nissan Booth….lucky me

zclub1 zclub2 zclub3 zclub4 zclub5 zclub6

This looked like a beast and that it could set some good times on a track.  It appeared to be a 930 slant nose

porsche1 porsche2 porsche3 porsche4 porsche5

Yet another GT40 car

gt1 gt2

I have always wanted a Vette in this generation.  This to me is the greatest of them all.

vette1 vette2 vette3

Here are others I saw while roaming around

misc1 misc2 misc3 misc4 misc5

I am sure the Stang fans will be happy to see these, I sure was.

stang1 stang2 stang3 stang4 stang5 stang6

Then to end the show with a beautiful car in its own right…a Pantera

pantera1 pantera2 pantera3 pantera4 pantera5 pantera6

til next time….


Neglected No More

I stated in a post sometime ago I always had a Z car.  Yet there was one car that I wanted but was scared of the age.  At the time I was not mechanically inclined and to be honest, to this day I am no mechanic due to time, lack of tools, which equals lack of know how on some things.  But I wanted a project car and thought it would be best if it were a car I cared about and really wanted regardless of condition.


Can anyone guess what it is?¬† To be honest there are a few choices that stick out I am sure……ok how about this?


Anything yet?  And the Navy banner has nothing to do with the car or will not hint as to what car this is.  Ok how about this angle?


Right, if that was not a dead giveaway I am not sure what to tell you.¬† There are only a few cars with the lines such as the ones I have shared.¬† The next one will confirm you ideas…….


Z Car Summary

There is something that attracts me to all Z car models.¬† The history dates back decades and was considered an affordable Japanese sports back then and still is.¬† Most of their (Datsun/Nissan) Z cars had soul, spirit, life, or whatever you may call it when driven.¬† One must drive one before time is up on this world to truly¬†drive a drivers car…specifically the early S30¬†models (240z-280z)

For those unfamiliar with the Z Car history here you¬†is a quick rundown….

Motordyne ART Products – Fact Or Fiction – Import Tuner Magazine

Well the performance of my exhaust in power and in cabin noise could be better.¬† So when the chance for a huge discount on some Motordyne ART Pipes came along I jumped on them like a cheetah on an impala!!!¬† Those not familiar with these pipes can refer here…

Nissan 350Z Motordyne ART Products – Fact Or Fiction – Import Tuner Magazine.

artpipes1 artpipes2

I was imprest with detail as the insides have beed sprayed with a thermal barrier to keep heat inside the pipes.


Then for extra security they installed packing where the O2 sensors plug in.  Purpose i see here is extra barrier to prevent a check engine light from appearing, incase the extending sensor tubes are not long enough.


as pleased as I am with the pipes I felt a little extra something was in order…


This spray is similar to what motordyne did to the inside of these pipes. The heat protection in 1500 degrees farenheit, and I am not sure how that compares to what they had already done. This is after first coat.

artpipes6 artpipes8

And final product!!!!


Bumper inlets

To prepare for this Texas heat during the track day I decided something may need to be done…

IMG_0563 IMG_0564

Keep in mind these are covered in plasti-dip because of the numerous road trips I make.  These serve only one purpose and that is to force fresh cool air to the intake.

Yes I know it is dirty but I needed to test them out before a wash. Needless to say the throttle response has improved in minor fashion. And yes I like the look.


See…carbon, but not completely all as the backing in FRP



There we go now it is clean and no more bug splats……..I quite fancy it



Here you can see the true purpose of these inlets and the direction of the airflow











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