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AutoRama Texas 2013 pt.2

Ok I had some time to get away from the onslaught of work.  When I had entered the convention center,where the event was held, I was greeted by something totally wicked

inside1 inside2

yes that is two blowers on a Chevy engine…not waisting any people’s time who had went to the venue they made sure this was greeting you at the front door!!!!  And here is what it was in….plus the specs


Just look at those blowers!!!!

Just look at those blowers!!!!


Now most of the show was dominated by Chevy vehicles, followed very closely by the Blue Ovals (Ford).  I personally am favored towards MOPARS and though they were there, Texas loves the other two more… in point

inside 19 inside20 inside21

Next in line were two vehicle made by House of Hot Rods & Classics, based out of Texas.  I am a fellow bike rider and was pleased to see this piece of work along with…you guessed it….another chevy


Just bare metal!!!

Just bare metal!!!

inside27 inside28 inside29 inside30

Next is something not just Ford followers can appreciate, but rather almost all interested in Motorsports!!!  Now I was informed this was a kit car, but WOW just look at this!!!!

GT40-1 GT40-2 GT40-3 GT40-4 GT40-5 GT40-6 GT40-7 GT40-8 GT40-9 GT40-10

Because the glare was so bad I could not get any picture of the inside of the GT40, but was lucky that this next Blue Oval did have a window glare preventing a shot of the inside

cobra1 cobra2 cobra3 cobra4 cobra5 cobra6

Finally a Mopar, score!!!!

superbee1 superbee2 superbee3

Reminds me of the godfather movie…

gangster1 gangster2 gangster3

one fast delivery rust bucket


other1truck truck1 truck2

Look at those tires!!!!


Well I have about half of what I want to put up and I can not spend to long on here but hopefully will get to post the rest today at a later time if not in the next few days I will, so keep coming back….til next time


AutoRama 2013 Texas (pt.1)

With all the test and study material I have been busy with, I needed to get away for a few. As luck would have it there was a car show this past weekend. It included mostly Domestic vehicles, but there was the import here and there. To say the least it was quite a treat for me. Right when I pulled up it had seemed there was a few cars in the parking lot that could have been part of the show..
parking lot 1

Here is the first of the two…both are chevy powered

Not exactly flush

Not exactly flush

It appears somethings are missing and others are bigger than average (exhaust collector to atmosphere)

It appears somethings are missing and others are bigger than average (exhaust collector to atmosphere)

I am guessing A/C might be missing on this
parking lot 4

This was the only "bling" part on this vehicle.  As can be seen with my ugly self in it.

This was the only “bling” part on this vehicle. As can be seen with my ugly self in it.

Now to what everyone has been waiting for…drum roll…..
parking lot 6

parking lot 7

parking lot 8

Now his friend, who seemed more into the shiny things in life…but modestly anyway
parking lot 9

parking lot 10

parking lot 11

parking lot 12

parking lot 13

Just look at the size of those tires!!!!!!!!!!
parking lot 14

parking lot 15

parking lot 16

Not to far away was another car that looked like it should have been inside the centre and not outside
parking lot 20

parking lot 21

parking lot 22

It is a bit late here but I will update other photos of what was inside so keep checking back throughout the day….


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