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Navy Freedom

When stuck in training in a military atmosphere, it never seems to fail the thought of your passion, whatever it may be, to go racing through your head. In my case it was driving, racing, mechanics, anything with an engine and or wheels. So upon my freedom and some R&R I had to do what I like doing and that was time with my car. Lucky for me I was not the only one. Two friends that endured the same lack of sleep, mental stress and at time physical stress wanted and shared the same freedoms I did. We changed and off we went to the car wash to dust off the ladies for a night out.

Clearly in the 100 degree plus weather drinks were a must. Here is an HN showing complete dedication as you will see wit he pictures to come.

The corpsman had just purchased this fine an example of a DC5. It is stock minus some springs and an intake/exhaust, yet the fun it brings to its owner can be seen on his face.

I can only assume a spot was seen

Did he get it?

I guess not…

This being his first car Classified as a sporty car, I can see why the need to be detailed about certain scuffs, stains, or water spots. It happens to us all.

I have never seen a matte black civic in person before, in fact, I have only seen maybe three or four matte colored cars ever. So when a shipmate of mine had his civic painted I was quite intrigued and needless to say the bystanders were also. Here are some pics…




The paint is a bit of a chore to take care of as black tends to get dirty quite quickly but the actual washing of the car is quite simple really. Especially seeing as wax is not needed. The military has quite a bit of car enthusiast within it and that does bring a comfort in knowing I am not the only one interested in this money pit of a hobby….well until next time. Laters.


SRT4 Teaser incl. EG6

I was going through some old videos and found a dusty project that I would like to share.  For the past few day, I have led on that a friend of mine has a Dodge Neon SRT4 and figured I will show it in action.  Both these cars are/were daily driven and taken on numerous road trips.  As stated many times before, a sports car should in compass everything a car is fundamentally supposed to do.

Limited Funds New Civic

civic no plates

Plasti-Dip stock wheels in matte black mixes well with the red shiny body…new wheels for roughly $20

I seem to pass this civic every mon-fri when I walk to class. I also noticed something interesting about the vehicle and possibly the owner. Plati-Dip. Yes the owner sprayed Plasti-Dip on his/her wheels to their liking. For those not in the know of Plasti-Dip, it is a rubber based formulated paint that when applied to some surfaces and dried, it can be peeled off simply by pulling in a few swoops. I will get into detail about Plasti-Dip in the near future as I do not want to take away from the current project at hand.

The dedication and feeling one has towards a car seems superficial more times than not. To the owners it is an expression of them to the point of owning a certain make and model is not enough. Even if money is on a very limited budget they find a way to express themselves.

Here we have what appears to be a stock looking civic minus, possible, suspension work……

Stock looking civic with possible suspension work .

Stock looking civic with possible suspension work .

And here is the Plasti-Dip work on same wheels and, appears to be, suspension work…..


To use what you can and on your budget is what this individual has done without a care for those who may question such a method (putting removable paint on something that will see the elements first hand). One must remember that this vehicle belongs to this individual and is catered to him and nobody else for whatever reason. Just by the looks of it, it seems as though this vehicle and its owner will not part ways for some time.


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