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Dodge vs Porsche vs Audi

Some years ago I came across a video made by the people for Sport Auto Magazine ( ), which had a race between a Dodge Viper SRT10, Porsche GT3 RS (997), and a Audi R8.  The race was staged and took place on the Autobahn.  But the filming that was done to make the movie was impeccable.  The sound of all three exhaust can be heard clearly and sound better if your speakers are up on max.  This is an old mini film but still very entertaining.


Srt-4 Plasti-Dip


Well the friend with the SRT-4 wanted to do something to his car before his 7 hour trip back to school.  Yes he took his 290 whp [17psi max (12psi daily)] car on a 7 hour trip.  He also has 120k miles on the original block and turbo (no rebuild).  But I am not hear to bore you with the specs but rather the attempt to plasti dip the whole hood and bit and pieces of the fascia.

Initially we were cautious but after the first spray there was no turning back…or is there?

pd4 pd5

Good thing it can come off easily when the time comes he no longer wants it.  It is in full motion here in the U.S. by a select few people.  Here is one business doing an Audi S4 in a custom color

And here is a done up Pontiac GTO or Holden Monaro with it being removed with only his bare hands…

Some report months with no damage to the paint on wheels!!!  But be aware that it will take time as around 5 coats are needed.


case in point, darkness is falling

pd1 pd7

finally finished and have to say it does not look half bad.  What really makes dear to the owner is it is easy to accomplish and remove.  Not to mention the total sum was $20 USD for the paint of 4 coats, $1.50 USD for blue tape, free paper to cover non sprayed areas, and $4.80 for can sprayer….thats it!!!  The owner took it on a 8 hour trip like this 4 days later and all held up well.


Slot Cars

Aw the old days when kids and adults played with slot cars.  Now they are nothing but a figment of the imagination in the youth of today.  Fortunately for auto enthusiast (toy models, slot cars, hot wheels, all hobby auto enthusiast) there are a select few who are keeping the thrills and joy of slot cars alive.  The people that brought you the Urban Outlaw video of  Magnus Walker gives you

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