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RWB pt.4 (Offical RWB Race)

As stated before RWB and its clients love nothing more than to drive.  So to cater for this the Idler Games hosted an all Porsche event specifically to get all RWB clients from around the world to race against one another.  The turn out was staggering to say the least as people with RWB cars from almost every continent showed up to race in the 12hr endurance race in their RWB cars…..presented by Spankin’ Fish Films

this one is from the same event in 2011 but brought to you by Luke Huxham


RWB pt.3 (expansion)

RWB started out as a small place with a one man team.  It was like this for 15 years until people from outside japan wanted his cars.  The problem was shipping the cars over to be worked on then shipping them back.  That is until a client had the idea to pay for him to work on the car at their house, all expenses paid.  This intern started the creation of having satellite RWB stations around the world.  This way Nakai-son has a workshop to work out of and travels.  Here is what I mean…

brought to you by Spankin’ Fish films

brought to you by Xcar Films

And here is the man himself on an exclusive interview with on RWB and his views.

Figuring as last time was two, this would be fitting for three.

RWB pt.2 (happy customers)

The people who RWB take on as clients almost always love to drive and or race.  His cars cater to that alone.  You will see the cars completely stripped, suspension that ride race-car stiff (all his cars are no less than 12kg/mm spring rate and more), roll bars, huge downforce wings, wide rubber.  These cars can be driven as daily drivers but caution is to be mandatory.  Here is a video produced, created, and directed by maiham-media of just that….a happy RWB owner

I feel like having a two for one special…here is Ichiraku with his RWB 993 showing the details of the car when Nakai-son had finish.   If you could please visit his pages at as he wanted to show the world this piece of art.

RWB pt.1

I think I am going through a Porsche crises.  For those that do not know RWB, it is a porsche shop operated by one man only who modifies the interior and mainly exterior of a select few porsches.  Clients literally drop off their car not knowing what he is going to do with it.  Clients have little to no input on their own cars (color, modifications, decals, wheels, etc.).  All of this is done by Nakai-Son himself.  Yet again Maiham-Media come through with an interview, with help from


Urban Outlaw

I was fortunate enough to view a video that I can relate to.  It shows that dreams can come true eventually and no matter the age, the passion of driving and auto culture may stay with someone until the end.  Keep in mind he built wall of these one-off Porsche cars himself…..just watch

This video was made by  and are accepting donations to keep making films such as this free to the viewers.  If you want more films such as this please donate.

Magnus Walker can also be found at his blog if you are interested.


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