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Mikuni Problems

Well I finally received my 240z/s30 back from a friend who built my heads and now am having to dial in the carbs. For those who do not know I have an s30 with all matching numbers and vintage parts.


A list of what is exactly on the car will come later as I want to get it running first, so that brings up my next point. If any single person has any suggestions please leave comments in the comment section below.


BRE Interpart Mulholland Struts

I purchased some struts some time ago trying to keep with my theme of period correct performance parts. And to my shock I had some extra parts in a shed. One of which is a full set of Interpart Mulholland struts. These were sold in the 70s and the 80s as a aftermarket upgrade using oem springs or their lowering, stiffer springs.


they have seen better days but considering they are 30yrs old they still look and operate quite good.


The internal of the strut is oil filled not gas filled. Unfortunately, once these go bad they can not be rebuilt. Although there is a way to rebuild them but it required a lot of work and if not done correctly it can be a pain and also not give your Datsun a proper balance.


If anyone is interested in these struts do feel free to email or take a look in the classifieds.

Mikuni PPH40 Triple Carbs for 240z….a trade


As stated in my previous post I was the proud owner of these Mikuni 40pph carbs for the 240z. In order to run these bad boys I would have needed to clean them up quite well and change out almost all the moving parts, not to mention fuel contaminated parts as well. I had purchased some new old stock (NOS) Carbs exactly like these just, obviously, in new condition from the early nineties. They were a bit pricy but in the end I bought them for a bargain.

You see, the company I purchased the new carbs from, just so happened to buy my old carbs off ebay, unknowingly. With my sale price factored into the new carbs I bough, I received a 28% off of his NOS carbs!!! Luck was on my side on this one. So here are pics of the carbs I sent out.


Here you can see some of the linkage and also the throttle cable that was cut by the previous owner. Yet another cost that would have needed tending.


The linkage and spring components needed replacing as I wouldn’t want throttle problems during highway speeds.




Some people would ask which is better….Weber or Mikuni? To be honest Mikuni carburetors are a little bit easier to tune with simple bolt on and a mild cam compared to the Weber carburetors. Yet the Weber carbs do offer a bit more adjustments for the user and that can help dial out any “hick-ups” throughout the rev range. It might take some time, or a lot of it, to do so. Not to mention Weber offers up to 50mm carbs that are easily accessible to the public here in the US and Mikuni does not as here in the US 44mm is a rare thing to begin with.

New camshaft for the 240z

It has been sometime since I have been on here so jus a quick recap. I have been getting rid of some parts I collected over the years. I felt they needed to be used by those people that would use them. So I did sell the triple mikuni carbs to Wolf Creek Racing through ebay. Ironically a few months prior I bought New Old Stock carbs from him and if one were to consider the amount I sold mine for, I virtually got his for a steal as it,also came with a manifold and air horns. That will be for another post in the future (near I hope).


That is the cam I sold and did so as my car is not a L28 nor has the con-rods to sustain 8000rpm + to use it. So to a new home it went. The specs were quite awesome to say the least and it was still sealed from Schneider, so the new owner should be happy with that.




You can see on the cam card it is a Schneider 300f cam and the lift own it is quite high, especially if I were to use it on a L24.

240z HKS surge tank intake manifold….replica

I managed to get my hands on a unique item in that only a few have in the world.  It is a surge tank for a L series engine (240z, 280z, 280zx) to run a turbo or supercharger system with triple carburetors.  It is actually a replica unit of the HKS series 1 surge tank made from sheet metal.

IMG_20130616_170540 IMG_20130616_170554

Yes it was in a garage and forgotten for decades it looks like to me but I am curious if it can still work up to 1.1 BAR as that is the max on Mikuni Solex carbs I am willing to run.  On the upper right hand side you can see the location of what looks like to be a recirculating valve or discharge unit for extra pressure.

Looks like I have some residents in there!!!

Looks like I have some residents in there!!!

Below you can see the inlet where the air will be blown into.  Unfortunatley I will need to source some bolts for the cover as all but two are missing.  Then not to mention I will need a gasket to prevent any leaks of air.

IMG_20130616_170709 IMG_20130616_170729

You can see I may also need to repair some of the metal as the inlet distribution pipe is a bit dented. This will have an impact of air distribution to the carburetors on that side. It can make the carbs run rich and throw the efficiency off par.

There is the dent as stated earlier.

There is the dent as stated earlier.

Will this was a lucky find and a bargain to match at $180 USD. Maybe I can replicate this and provide to the masses this rare part. Only time will see.


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