Initial D- Final Stage- EP.4

Initial D t shirt It was fun making all these for people around the world. There were so many people I never thought I would be able to reach. It truly amazes me how this blog has worked out over the years from the ups and downs and trying to distribute as much content asContinue reading “Initial D- Final Stage- EP.4”

Initial D / 頭文字D – Final Stage- EP.1

Here is the last season of Initial D ever made. It was a series of 4 episode only and we will be producing them as soon as we get them, so please follow us to stay updated for the next episodes and all our other content


First off let me apologize for the absence. Life has been great in that I am a parent as of now (shocking to think at times). When I was busy practicing to “Dad” my video host seemed to have deleted all my videos! So not only was I missing, but it seems all the workContinue reading “NEW INITIAL D MOVIE- LEGEND 1: AWAKENING”

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