Perpetual Road Z33

Perpetual Road Z33

This page is a tribute to my personal 350z. This car is a car that does it all autocross, track days, drag strip, spirited runs, road trips, work vehicle, groceries, etc. It is a car that will help me in my automotive way of life. Naturally things will be put up that are not current to show progression. As the future materializes so will the updates on this page to the point of current date updates. This vehicle is on a perpetual road with me….


Final exhaust sound…granted this is without the ART pipes as time has not been on my side for install


The exhaust muffle section had worn out and started to rattle to an annoying state so this needed to be addressed by any means.

ex1 ex2 IMG_0617 IMG_0616 artpipes7 artpipes5


I wanted to tackle heating issues as the heat in Texas does get quite hot at times.  Also the intake inlet temps. can be high due to the placements of the pod filters.  So I decided to make an addition to aid in the matter


and here is what it looks like and a visual to where the inlets feed air to.



About a few days later I managed to get front brake parts.  EBC red stuff front pads and slotted and drilled rotors from Adam’s Rotors.  And yes the stopping distance has decreased with no noise in the daily commute



With the addition of the intake and exhaust it would help to corner, especially if autocrossing and track days are around the corner (no pun intended).  The enkeis help with weights less than 20lbs on each wheel (not including rubber).  Also Espilar springs with rates or 9.8kg/mm rear and 7.2kg/mm front.  The rear does seem planted but unfortunately I have an open diff for now.  In this will and needs to be fixed.



The intakes came after this exhaust set-up. There was a post but if you had trouble I will get to the point of it and let you hear it.


Here is the most up to date of the daily driver……..

It took sometime to get around to it but the Stillen intake system was finally been installed on the car.  The reason I picked this over the rest was the fact it had airbox covers to help control any heat going into the intakes




Here is a 2008 350z that I have owned new (purchased with 40 miles or so).


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