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Freeway Speedway 2/ Megalopolis Expressway Trial 2- DVD (首都高速トライアル)


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Keiichi Tsuchiya tests tyres on a race track. Yamanaka Takahiro breaks the street course record of his friend Toshiro Junichi . Junichi has given up racing to get married. The villain Sawaki challenges Taka to a race. Junichi intervenes, stopping Taka from accepting. Taka sees Keiichi outside a Nissan showroom and challenges him to a race. Keiichi says he no longer races on the street, and he will only challenge Taka on a track. Junichi later races Sawaki on condition that he leaves Taka alone. Junichi crashes and dies in this race. Junichi’s fiancee had bought a Skyline GT-R as a wedding present, and gives this to Taka, on condition he never street races again. Taka practises in the GT-R, receiving pointers from Keichii Tsuchiya. Breaking his promise to Junichi’s fiancee he also races Sawaki, but during the race, having already dominated Sawaki, he decides racing is futile and doesn’t bother to finish. The movie ends with the GT-Rs of Keiichi and Taka chasing each other around a race track. Takahiro, overtakes Tsuchiya, in the final corner of the race, with Nozomi, Junichi’s widow, waving the checkered flag as they cross the finish line.

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