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1990’s GTR time trials

I managed to find my external storage device that has old Japan 400m sprints of different tuning companies of the 1990s.  I thought I would share some of these over the next month or so.  To see it on you tube go to


A new toy….Intro of SA22C

I have recently acquired a new addition to my project list and it has been on it for some time.  I am extremely infatuated with the rotary engine and the abilities it has for a car.  It did break my heart to see it no longer available for purchase, yet, it does seem it might make another appearance  in the near future according to Mazda.  But I am here not to talk about the auto manufacturer but rather a certain vehicle I have in my garage.

I am a die hard Datsun fan and always will be, actually, a Nissan/Datsun fan to be exact.  There will always be a spot in my heart for a nice rotary vehicle (I do like all vehicles but am a bit impartial).  I am happy to say I am the owner of such a rare car that only a few own and even fewer understand.

Mazda-rx7-1st-generation01‘That’s right I am the owner of a first generation RX-7 (SA22C).  It did come from the factory with a 12A motor that did dominate a year or two in the SCCA racing brackets and ran on the heels of all the datsuns, specifically the 240z.  The specific model I was able to obtain is a 1985 GSL-SE and came with all the “luxuries” it is known for.  The previous owner took the liberty of doing A LOT of modification on the vehicle before I was able to get my hands on it (I will provide a little spec sheet in the next couple of days).  Most of the work was done at T & R Racing and was shipped out to me after the owner had his fun.  Here is a teaser film of what it looks like compared to the above stock picture.

Back in the day the 240z and SA22C were always going at it in sanctioned races…so my question is, which do you prefer?


Initial D Fifth Stage ep.3!!! (eng sub)

Initial D Stage 5 Episode 2!!!!

Finally other episode are available with subtitles.  Have a good weekend

Dodge vs Porsche vs Audi

Some years ago I came across a video made by the people for Sport Auto Magazine ( ), which had a race between a Dodge Viper SRT10, Porsche GT3 RS (997), and a Audi R8.  The race was staged and took place on the Autobahn.  But the filming that was done to make the movie was impeccable.  The sound of all three exhaust can be heard clearly and sound better if your speakers are up on max.  This is an old mini film but still very entertaining.


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