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Its Alive!!!!

Mr. SRT4 and I went into the shed to see if we could bring some life to the 240z


Jaguar XJ…How its built

I had posted, I believe, 2 weeks ago a documentary of how the Bugatti Veyron was made.  Also I had asked if anybody was interested in seeing another documentary (usually made by Nat Geo) in the future about cars such as that.  I had set up a poll to where not one answered.  So I am attempting again but with a different approach.  I will be busy this weekend so my post will not return until Monday or so.  So I had felt like watching one on the making of the Jaguar XJ (one of my top manufacturers) and thought I would share that.  So if interested on can answer the poll question and/or watch the film.  The winning selection in the poll will be posted up for viewing the following week…hope all have a fun and safe weekend.

New Y-Pipe

Finally the y-pipe came in so now I will not have a horrible restrictive one.  I am keeping fingers crossed that the top end will benefit from this y-pipe.  The reason I opted for this one was price based as it will be a temporary thing.  I have plans for the exhaust set-up in the future, soon I hope.

IMG_0617 IMG_0618

Yes I also added the DEI spray to the y-pipe.  One must remember to cure the pipes after painting so…..


I think they are ready


One day soon they will be installed

Continued Education of the Veyron

A little over a week ago I managed to stumble on a video clip of the drivetrain to the Bugatti Veyron and how it operates and what went into it.  Once I was done with the homework I was more interested in what made this car what it is.  For those interested in the first video feel free to click on the “tech pages” or “with videos” link to the right.  Thanks to National Geographic and the team of Megafactories they have provided us with an inside look into what goes into making just one of these cars.  Needless to say I had to watch this twice before I had my fill.  Please answer the poll question at the bottom when the film is over (feel free to leave comments)….thanks and enjoy

I can never get enough education in anything automotive and don’t mind sharing.

Neglected No More

I stated in a post sometime ago I always had a Z car.  Yet there was one car that I wanted but was scared of the age.  At the time I was not mechanically inclined and to be honest, to this day I am no mechanic due to time, lack of tools, which equals lack of know how on some things.  But I wanted a project car and thought it would be best if it were a car I cared about and really wanted regardless of condition.


Can anyone guess what it is?  To be honest there are a few choices that stick out I am sure……ok how about this?


Anything yet?  And the Navy banner has nothing to do with the car or will not hint as to what car this is.  Ok how about this angle?


Right, if that was not a dead giveaway I am not sure what to tell you.  There are only a few cars with the lines such as the ones I have shared.  The next one will confirm you ideas…….



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