Drift 2 – Japan Film

The sequel to the first drift film is now here!!! Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think. $20 PlayStation Store Gift Card [Digital Code]

首都高速 トライアル Megalopolis Express Way Trial (Freeway Speedway)

Some say major hit films and ideas actually come from something else or have been done before their alleged “creation”. There was talk on how the Fast and Furious franchise would not be if it were not for these series of films. The manga and anime Wangan Midnight sure would not have been created. TheContinue reading “首都高速 トライアル Megalopolis Express Way Trial (Freeway Speedway)”

Lost Drift Films-Drift Movie (JPN)

Sometime ago in 2006 there were films that were produced during the Fast and Furious era in Japan. In the early 2000’s street racing and drifting were on the rise and peaking around the world. Everybody was aware of the automotive culture in some fashion. Everyone wanted a piece for their taking to include theContinue reading “Lost Drift Films-Drift Movie (JPN)”


First off let me apologize for the absence. Life has been great in that I am a parent as of now (shocking to think at times). When I was busy practicing to “Dad” my video host seemed to have deleted all my videos! So not only was I missing, but it seems all the workContinue reading “NEW INITIAL D MOVIE- LEGEND 1: AWAKENING”

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