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McRae Magazine

On my bi-weekly trip to the bookstore, in the Transportation section, something had caught my eye that left me curious.  A white magazine with bold lettering visible at the top (an inch almost in header form) was covered by the masses of other car magazines except for that inch.  What those letters combined, naturally, making up three words that had me itching my head.  They were: Driver…Hero…Legend.  I went to grab and lifted the magazine away from the others, to see what was on the font cover.  To my shock was a picture of an Impreza in a Rally race and above it the word McRae.  Like a child opening up a gift for their birthday I inhaled, sounding as if I were about to go for a swim, and sat down to open it and look at the pictures.  Autosport Magazine did a full Limited Edition Magazine on Colin McRae.  To me he stands as one of the great ones in WRC and a pure talent in Motorsports.


He was with Subaru most of his career but had made a few jumps to other manufactures (Ford, Skoda, and Nissan for one make race)


This is the manufacture that most knew him to race with…Subaru.  He was the one that put  them on the map in the automotive world.



This was an interview not that long before his accidental death….


Sticker Bomb….ish


One thing to note is there are times when painting a car is just to costly.  Then getting the color to match the rest of the car that does not need fixing is a problem also.  Something has caught on around the world and it is something called sticker bombing.  A body panel, interior trim, plastics, even wheels and I have seen engine bays also are covered in a collage of random stickers to hide and sometimes hold together a piece of the car.  At times some just do it because they want to.

To obtain stickers to do a project, such as a stated earlier, one can go to some sort of vending machines, supermarket, ebay, decal specific businesses, or….just buy a book with over 250+ stickers for a little over $20 usd.  Thanks to SRK (Studio Rarekwai : there four books available at .

The books comprise of graffitti art stickers from artist around the world.

This is by Rhoald Marcellius a.k.a. The Pumpkinbear

This is by Rhoald Marcellius a.k.a. The Pumpkinbear

This is a top 10 of all the stickers in the two books I have.  Roman Klonek is the artist (


The work by Sanchia Hamidjaj is jaw-dropping!!!  To see the art work of Sanchia

The work by Sanchia Hamidjaj is jaw-dropping!!! To see the art work of Sanchia

I had done some minor sticker bombing myself to hide a few things and give the car charracter…


Urban Outlaw

I was fortunate enough to view a video that I can relate to.  It shows that dreams can come true eventually and no matter the age, the passion of driving and auto culture may stay with someone until the end.  Keep in mind he built wall of these one-off Porsche cars himself…..just watch

This video was made by  and are accepting donations to keep making films such as this free to the viewers.  If you want more films such as this please donate.

Magnus Walker can also be found at his blog if you are interested.



It seems I am on a “book” weekend of post as I have yet another to add-on the blog.  For those wanting to get a upperhand or increase their driving/racing abilities I would recommend these books.  There are a total of 5 books i believe with 3 of them here.

The first one (Orange and white) covers the fundamentals in driving on a track.  Such as the driving line, seating position, heel-toe, hand location, etc.  The second one (Green and white) goes one and even two steps further than the previous in showing and telling you when and how to pass your opponent in a given situation, adaptations, mental training, etc.  The third (blue and white) is a guideline and truthfulness of how to become a race car driver.

I can say these books can help anyone out as a supplement source to training and discipline on the individuals part….but as stated in the books there is no guarantee these will make you a paid professional race car driver…..or will it?

Weekend Read

Shop Class As Soulcraft by: Matther B. Crawford and published by: Penguin BooksShop Class As Soulcraft by: Matther B. Crawford and published by: Penguin Books

I recieved this book as a gift on one of my birthdays and I would highly suggest if anyone question themself in life decisions, especially when it is between what you dream of being and what reality has in stored for you.


A quick summary is…..well ill let you read it

summary book


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