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by Israel Ortiz / on 3 September, 2019

Initial D-Legend 2: RACER (頭文字D)

The second part is finally here with English subtitles! The film starts of with the FC and GTR32 racing one another. Picking up where part one left off lest’s see who the 86 will face this time on Akina.
by Israel Ortiz / on 14 June, 2019

Initial D- Final Stage- EP.4

Initial D t shirt It was fun making all these for people around the world. There were so many people I never thought I would be able to reach. It truly amazes me how this blog has worked out over the years from the
by Israel Ortiz / on 8 June, 2019

Initial D / 頭文字D – Final Stage- EP.1

Here is the last season of Initial D ever made. It was a series of 4 episode only and we will be producing them as soon as we get them, so please follow us to stay updated for the next episodes and all our