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A True Sports Car Owner

I have always appreciated those that could afford the supercars and actually use them for what they were built for rather than staying indoors most of its life.  As I do understand those that “garage queen” their vehicles do so out of fear of loosing money, keeping a treasure pure, or protecting it for future historical reference, to me it seems those that actually do drive them are rare individuals.  So when I see things like this I can only applaud and thank them for their generosity…I present an ENZO in a semi-rally stage.


Jaguar XJ…How its built

I had posted, I believe, 2 weeks ago a documentary of how the Bugatti Veyron was made.  Also I had asked if anybody was interested in seeing another documentary (usually made by Nat Geo) in the future about cars such as that.  I had set up a poll to where not one answered.  So I am attempting again but with a different approach.  I will be busy this weekend so my post will not return until Monday or so.  So I had felt like watching one on the making of the Jaguar XJ (one of my top manufacturers) and thought I would share that.  So if interested on can answer the poll question and/or watch the film.  The winning selection in the poll will be posted up for viewing the following week…hope all have a fun and safe weekend.

Time for Work

I purchased the Z and on the way back it seemed to overheat and basically die on me.  So needless to say it was not long before the upgrades started to go on the car.  This was actually needed as the car was running poorly and overheated.  Here is the progress thus far…..


The A/C unit did not work and the reason was clear on two accounts.


Figured since I was at it would replace the filter pod


40yr old bolts can be troublesome at times


much more room with out the A/C kit.  Also quite a bit of weight savings.  This will be temporary as the heat in Texas can get unbearable.


Finally the bits get to go in.  I managed to source a Kameari Rad-Cap, Kameari thermostat (1.3 bar I think),  3 row radiator, and K&N S.U. filters

radiator3 radiator5 radiator6 radiator8

Finishing touches…

radiator9 radiator10

fingers crossed….and toes…


Well…it was a no go as the time it sat, change in filters, the humidity, etc. makes it die once turned over….so….back to square 1

RWB pt.4 (Offical RWB Race)

As stated before RWB and its clients love nothing more than to drive.  So to cater for this the Idler Games hosted an all Porsche event specifically to get all RWB clients from around the world to race against one another.  The turn out was staggering to say the least as people with RWB cars from almost every continent showed up to race in the 12hr endurance race in their RWB cars…..presented by Spankin’ Fish Films

this one is from the same event in 2011 but brought to you by Luke Huxham

Dreams of a Supercharger….GarageMak Z33 SC550

People always ask, supercharger or turbocharger?  My thoughts on the matter is what exactly are you going to use it for (the vehicle), what characteristics do you prefer on power delivery, and is vehicle noise an issue for you.  Both can provide mass amounts of power, both can be reliable, both have been used in motor sports and production cars.  For me it all depends on the type of car it will be on because if i love the N/A noise it make then I will seriously consider supercharging and if not then turbocharging would be best.  Superchargers, at one time, had a sound of an annoying cat.  That all stopped when the Rotrex superchargers came out on the market among others.  Now I am not one that is interested in the big horsepower numbers although that would be great fun.  I think this 350z by GarageMak out of Japan can sum up what i would be looking for….

This Z has a Rotrex unit on the VQ35HR.  I believe the unit is a C38-81 but do not quote me on that.  Now if it were turbocharged the high pitch note would be obsolete due to the gases of the exhaust being recycled.  Where the supercharger is nothing more than an air creator and feeder not a recycler, therefore keeping the high pitch noise of the engine.  Case in point….

Here is the same run without the music if interested….

It comes down to preference within each and every person how they want to modify THEIR car.  They both work the same.  Each have one up on the other on certain things.  But my choice for a Z33 with the VQ35HR would be a supercharger (Rotrex), and in retrospect on the VQ35DE I would go turbocharged.  What would you pic for your vehicle and why?   Til’ next time…


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