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by Israel Ortiz / on 18 July, 2019

Lost Drift Tapes

Drifting has been around since the 80’s but it was not until the last 20 or so years that it has made an impact in the world. So much so Hollywood made an attempt to profit from it with the smash hit “Fast and
by Israel Ortiz / on 10 July, 2019

Pussy Energy Drink

There are many energy drinks out on the market through-out the world, rather. Some of which claim to boost your health, alertness, or even give you muscles and energy to compete on a professional level (which ever sport you play). There is no doubt
by Israel Ortiz / on 12 June, 2019

The Fall and Rise of Japan’s…Bosozoku

Japan is known to the western world as structured, formal, polite, and a clean society. A place where crime and disobedience is hard to come by in areas or none existent at all. Youth around the world, are at times, the individuals who disturb
by Israel Ortiz / on 7 June, 2019

Dajiban Documentary by: NORIYARO

The Youtuber named YORINARO was kind enough to shed light on the Dodge van racing movement in Japan. Though the video is old it still shows what life is like inside this awesome automotive niche. Thanks YORINARO. -Mr. PR
by Israel Ortiz / on 5 June, 2019

Real Initial D Tourist Activities in Japan!!!

VISIT THE REAL AKINA!!! Our friend, Noriyaro, had visited D’s Garage to show the world they can live the manga/ anime dream of going to the real Mt. Akina and doing so in a tofu AE86. Racing Cafe D’z Garage is a cafe that