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by Israel Ortiz / on 11 November, 2019

KANJO by: No Good Racing

The street racing life has all been on the decline in Japan as Police have been, and currently are, still cracking down on those that partake in the illegal activities. This mixed with the ever changing of car culture through-out the world has a
by Israel Ortiz / on 14 September, 2019


The company Teckademics was founded by Sean Murphy (former owner of Porn Star Clothing) and Dustin Worles in early 2002. Sean first discovered Dustin’s car movies during the 2001 Nopi Nationals car show in Atlanta, GA. Dustin was selling his VHS car movie “ACCLR8″
by Israel Ortiz / on 10 September, 2019

Midnight Club (Japan) pt.1

In the 80’s and 90’s the street racing scene was a lot different than what it is today. This holds true for the country of Japan, as the racers of that era were ahead of their time. One group, in particular, were so infamous
by Israel Ortiz / on 8 September, 2019

Drift King ドリキン (Keiichi Tsuchiya) Documentary!!!

It is well known the pioneer for drifting is Mr. Tsuchiya from Japan. He may not have created it but he did make it known around Japan and in the world by using the technique while racing professionally. After some digging we managed to