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Ebay auction

hello to all that follow it has been quite the time since my last post on here.  Know I am doing well and am still very much in the car scene.  I have relocated to the Jacksonville area and will provide some coverage of what I have experience in that scene.  

Now do to unforced errors I am in the need of parts and also ridding some of mine.  So for sale are lash pads for the S30 that are new old stock items. The link can be found here or in the for sale section on the web page.


Initial D Stage 5 ep.14

Finally, after my leave of absence, I have returned to post on my blog. I have wanted to post this last episode for some time and have received at least one message indicating if I could do so. So here it is and thank you to all that have followed from around the world.

Navy Freedom

When stuck in training in a military atmosphere, it never seems to fail the thought of your passion, whatever it may be, to go racing through your head. In my case it was driving, racing, mechanics, anything with an engine and or wheels. So upon my freedom and some R&R I had to do what I like doing and that was time with my car. Lucky for me I was not the only one. Two friends that endured the same lack of sleep, mental stress and at time physical stress wanted and shared the same freedoms I did. We changed and off we went to the car wash to dust off the ladies for a night out.

Clearly in the 100 degree plus weather drinks were a must. Here is an HN showing complete dedication as you will see wit he pictures to come.

The corpsman had just purchased this fine an example of a DC5. It is stock minus some springs and an intake/exhaust, yet the fun it brings to its owner can be seen on his face.

I can only assume a spot was seen

Did he get it?

I guess not…

This being his first car Classified as a sporty car, I can see why the need to be detailed about certain scuffs, stains, or water spots. It happens to us all.

I have never seen a matte black civic in person before, in fact, I have only seen maybe three or four matte colored cars ever. So when a shipmate of mine had his civic painted I was quite intrigued and needless to say the bystanders were also. Here are some pics…




The paint is a bit of a chore to take care of as black tends to get dirty quite quickly but the actual washing of the car is quite simple really. Especially seeing as wax is not needed. The military has quite a bit of car enthusiast within it and that does bring a comfort in knowing I am not the only one interested in this money pit of a hobby….well until next time. Laters.

The SA22C for sale

Due to the Navy sending me places I figured I would make moving a bit easier on myself by getting rid of some things if have collected and one of which is the 7.  It pains me to due this but I am only having it up for one week.  The car has been sitting for sometime now and time is something I do not have at the moment. As one can see.



Please go to for sale section of page for more info and the links provided.


Mikuni Problems

Well I finally received my 240z/s30 back from a friend who built my heads and now am having to dial in the carbs. For those who do not know I have an s30 with all matching numbers and vintage parts.


A list of what is exactly on the car will come later as I want to get it running first, so that brings up my next point. If any single person has any suggestions please leave comments in the comment section below.


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