Well Hello. This will be my first post as to what this is all about. For the better part of 15 years I have been interested in all things automotive. To be brutally honest this stems from childhood toys (hot wheels, matchbox, R/C, etc.). My journey of all things automotive took a turn towards mental distraught upon the gift with my first vehicle. By this I mean the reality hit of the sheer amount of money involved to actually make this vehicle an expression of myself. I, like some auto enthusiast, have this artistic mind that rather than work on canvas, with clay, or paints we feel the need to alter a finished piece of art (already completed vehicle) to suit our five senses. It is not enough that all the hard work is done for us but we feel the need to go through physical, mental, monetary pain to do so all for that feeling of creating something that virtually was already done. It is a mindset that few can understand outside of this car culture society.

Interesting enough it is a society where all walks of life can come together reguardless of class, creed, or any affiliation. All of these men and women have journeys of their own. The interesting thing is not the journeys (yes certain events are) but the fact that the journey never ends in the car culture. One car gets replaced by another, another car is added to the collection, or a car is handed down to another it seems none stop. Well this is my journey of all things automotive that pertain to me this is my perpetual road….



    1. I have been bro, me…come on man you the one serving the country, I HOPE YOU DOING WELL lol. Funny thing is I went corpsman, ship out in January.

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