“CIRCLE GAME” Products!!!

The last couple of years it appears the circle game has gained some steam. No matter where you go there is always someone who will try and catch you with the infamous upside down “OK” hand gesture. As annoying as it may be it is hard to resist to play and get revenge on those that have claimed your gaze.

With that said we saw it our duty to even the odds so as to go about your day without having to watch out for those that play the “Circle Game”. After much thought and design we came up with some ammunition which can be seen below.

Nobody can sneak up from behind or call to you to catch you in the Circle Game as if they read your bag, they too would have been caught.

Not in the mood to play in the mornings…we have you covered too!!!


And we couldn’t exactly leave out the shirts now could we!?

If you have any other ideas let us know in the comments and we will get back to you!!

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