The company Teckademics was founded by Sean Murphy (former owner of Porn Star Clothing) and Dustin Worles in early 2002. Sean first discovered Dustin’s car movies during the 2001 Nopi Nationals car show in Atlanta, GA. Dustin was selling his VHS car movie “ACCLR8″ at the Intrax Suspension booth. While hanging out at the Intrax booth, Sean ended up watching “ACCLR8″ and immediately saw potential in it. Sean never met Dustin at Nopi but did get his contact info from a mutual friend.

COURTESY: Mischief photography

Dustin was fresh out of film school and worked at a video duplication company in Rockville, MD. A month after Nopi, Sean contacted Dustin to see if he would be interested in producing a street racing movie based on his “ACCLR8″ movie. Sean wanted Dustin to re-edit his movie by leaving out the car show footage but keeping in all the street racing and car stunt antics. This new movie would become a “Porn Star Clothing” street racing movie. Dustin loved the idea but was not happy with the terms Sean presented to him and turned down the offer. 

A few months later, Sean got back in touch with Dustin. He informed Dustin that he sold Porn Star Clothing. Sean wanted to start up a tuning company called Teckademics. He wanted Dustin to produce a street racing DVD series for Teckademics and presented him with an agreement that he could not refuse. Dustin immediately quit his dead end job and started to re-edit “ACCLR8″. Dustin took out the boring footage and added new footage and new music. He kept the editing and graphics very simple and basic (modeled after an old skateboarding movie that Sean produced in the late 90s). Dustin called this new movie “Mischief” (based on the name of a chapter in “ACCLR8″) and the rest is history.

COURTESY: Mischief photography

Sean and Dustin wanted to launch a raw and gritty film series that would document the real underground street racing lifestyle. When the first “Mischief” was released in 2002 movie critics described it as “Jackass” meets “The Fast and The Furious.” With the help of viral marketing from Dado and his company DTMPower.net, the Mischief series became one of the best selling Special Interest DVDs series in the world. By 2005, the series had five titles on the Billboard Top 10 Sports DVD sales chart. Video clips taken from the series was featured on national networks including MTV, MTV2, FOX, and CMT. The TV show “Dateline” on NBC even featured a story on the Teckademics and the “Mischief” series. 


JDM Mischief: Babes Drifting Racing

The first “Mischief” was released in April of 2002 and was the first mainstream movie documentary about modern illegal street racing in the US. “Mischief” was also released as a bonus DVD in a limited edition “2 Fast 2 Furious” DVD set released in 2003. Over 200,000 DVD copies sold worldwide. 

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The group that made of these DVDs were ahead of their time and had a monopoly over the market. They had no competition at the time and to help them (timing would have it) the Fast and the Furious franchise had just launched off. In a time where DVD’s were sold in stores by the masses product placement in stores was easy as they were the only one to offer such a niche.

It is fair to say there will never be anything like these DVD’s again as society and technology have made it just about impossible. Today there are cameras everywhere and everyone willing to film. Traffic is at a all time high by all accounts in every city (major and not) throughout the world. Street racing is looked down upon by society currently, to the point where one of the biggest grossing franchises (especially in the auto/ moto niche) does not feature street racing anymore- The Fast and Furious.

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