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首都高速 トライアル Megalopolis Express Way Trial (Freeway Speedway)

Some say major hit films and ideas actually come from something else or have been done before their alleged “creation”. There was talk on how the Fast and Furious franchise would not be if it were not for these series of films. The manga and anime Wangan Midnight sure would not have been created. The franchise of films I speak of are Megalopolis Express Way Trial. Even still these series of films owe their existence to something, or rather someones, before their release as they too would not be if it were not for a certain car club in Japan.

The series shows light on the underground street race scene. The films originated in the late 80’s during a time when VHS was popular and the internet was not what it was today. It would take roughly 15 years before anyone outside of Japan would know of these films. Partially due to the initial ban Japan had on the films because it glorified street racing. Also, it would take the Fast and Furious franchise to show the world tuning cars is cool again.

Midnight Club: Street Racing – PlayStation 2

What makes these films so great is the low budget, yet accurate filming of the street race lifestyle in Japan of the time. There are interesting finds in the film of one were to look closely. One being the infamous Midnight Club partook and assisted in the making of the films. Can you spot one of the famous cars associated with the disbanded club? Leave your answer in the comment section below and we will be sure to send a gift for you answer.

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Dailymotion PART 1/2
Dailymotion PART 2/2

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