Real Initial D Tourist Activities in Japan!!!

VISIT THE REAL AKINA!!! Our friend, Noriyaro, had visited D’s Garage to show the world they can live the manga/ anime dream of going to the real Mt. Akina and doing so in a tofu AE86. Racing Cafe D’z Garage is a cafe that not only serves cafe yummy treats, but also will rent you an Initial D spec car to drive around town in. Interesting enough the location of the cafe is close to the actual Mt. Akina (Gunma Prefecture), although, no such mountain exist. Rather it is called Mt. Haruna.

Google Maps:

Mt. Haruna Lake is located (as one would expect from the name) on the touge of Haruna. The lake is the actual lake of “Lake Akina” and on the other side of the lake is the actual hotel that Takumi would deliver his tofu to.

To the north of the lake you can see in the image there i a hotel. This is the destination of Takumi every morning at 4am when he delivers his tofu. The selection to go on your own adventure is in one of their cars is limited to 2 choices of either Keisuke Takahashi RX7 (Stage 4 Edition) or Takumi’s Trueno (Stage 1, 2, & 3 Edition). The price is not stated on their website as they advertise more of the cafe.

Rent one of these!!!

Speaking of their cafe they do offer a popular pudding in the form of all the racing teams that were in the first stage (Red Suns, Speedstars, and the Night Kidz). I am sure if you were to contact they might be able to mail you an order for yourself. Although, I would not recommend keeping it as a treasure for years to come as mold may appear, but to each their own.

As I went to their website I did notice an interesting Easter egg in the form of another vehicle you can rent if you like. It is the RX7 from Tokyo Drift (Fast and Furious). Now I am not exactly sure how much it goes for, but judging from their website they are huge fans of the Mazda RX7. They have connections with RE Amemiya in that they help build and maintain the Cafe’s vehicle fleet. Im not sure how they take part in the Fast and Furious car (as it was created by Veilside), but they are legendary nonetheless!

I leave with with NARIYARO and his trip to the Cafe. Take care!


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