Wangan Midnight EBAY LIGHTER !!!???

Sprayable Vinyl Wrap-Wheels Kits up to 19″-Wangan Purple

Zippo lighters have been around for almost 90yrs. THey cater to those that one that special, personalized lighter to go with their tobacco of choice. The appeal of a Zippo is they can be customized, no different than a motorcycle or a car. With that said, what if one can mix all those together into one device. Hence…the Zippo, limited edition, Wangan Midnight lighter.

Like any auto enthusiast, I was on Ebay scrolling and adding things to my wishlist that I cannot afford. To my surprise I came across a Zippo lighter paying homage to the anime Wangan Midnight. Now I am not an expert on lighters or any tobacco products by any means, but this is pretty cool. If one wanted a limited edition anything related to the famous Japan made anime, this very well, might be something for them…or even myself. That is until I saw the price….$1,000. That price alone can get you a nice set of wheels to go with your car or even a set of full racing tires (depending on size). If I had the money and could carouse my significant other to let me purchase this without the consequence of sleeping on the couch (with pillows, if lucky) then absolutely! Reality has other ways for my spending needs at this time….reality = my GF. I am not taking away the value of the lighter, let me be clear. With a price such as that it is difficult to then look over the pictures in detail. And I must say….I am not impressed.

The etching on the lighter itself is not bad at all, in fact almost like the anime in terms of artwork. The exception is the “M” on the word midnight. The main thing I have an issue with is the Fairlady Z S30 on lighter. It looks a bit tarnished and out of place. Almost as if the program used to make it could not get the shadowing of the vehicle correct. The placement seems a bit on the lacking side of quality as the look seems to be glued on of sorts. That would lead me to be worrisome it actually falling off.

Garrett 743250-5024S Turbocharger

There appears to be quite a bit of writing on the backside of the lighter and unfortunately the seller did not give a picture that could show just what exactly is written. The fact the seller is from Japan and shipping from there is promising in the origin of the item. Either way this was an interesting find and maybe it will appeal to someone out in the world or a Datsun aficionado. I do hope this goes to a good home and maybe the seller will be willing to negotiate the price. If so feel free to contact the seller HERE

If you are the owner and/or will end up becoming the owner please keep us updated as we would like to know more about this awesome Zippo!

-Mr. PR

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