Lost Drift Films-Drift Movie (JPN)

Sometime ago in 2006 there were films that were produced during the Fast and Furious era in Japan. In the early 2000’s street racing and drifting were on the rise and peaking around the world. Everybody was aware of the automotive culture in some fashion. Everyone wanted a piece for their taking to include the film industry.

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Here is a filmed named “DRIFT” and it is 1 of 7 in a series of films. The first few films are related to one another in having the same characters and some of the same story line. The translation is a little off and makes the story a little difficult to follow but there are no plans for a dub over as of this writing (2019).

The story follows the a driver who is inspired to Drift and race his mountain pass (road/street) to beat the person who killed his family. He does so in a Nissan Silvia (S13 generation). For a low budget film and for people interested in the sport it is an interesting film to watch. It is a little over an hour long so it is a great film to pass the time…..Enjoy

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