First off let me apologize for the absence. Life has been great in that I am a parent as of now (shocking to think at times). When I was busy practicing to “Dad” my video host seemed to have deleted all my videos! So not only was I missing, but it seems all the work I had done was…undone. So to compensate I decided to come back stronger and better than before.

Initial D was where I started out at the beginning by offering free shows of the last stage ever produced. Well, now I am going to start, yet again, with the last series of Initial D…again. Initial D was screened in theaters across all of Japan. They managed to condense all of season 1 into 3 short 1 hour long movies. Highlighting only the good things in the whole season.

There is no telling as to what may come next but as of this publishing it seems these films were the end of a dynasty.

So please enjoy the show, share, like and comment.


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