Hero Air Freshener Review

It seems we can never grow up and hold on to our childhood heroes even more as we get older. I have seen people decorate their cars with their childhood heros, of which, range from the DC/Marvel to Mighty Mouse. It is an expression of ones self to share such a secret and society makes it OK to have passion for your favorite superhero. There was a time growing up when you would hear the words “it’s time to grow up, stop watching those cartoons”. Now people of all ages cannot get enough of the live action movies of their superheros. These air fresheners are no different in showing what hero team you are on.

These little vent clips (they clip on the A/C vents on your car) feature different cartoon and super heroes with a smelly pod in the back. They are about 2 inches and interestingly details considering they are made of a silicon matter and small. I myself have purchased the Ninja Turtles (2 of 4, others coming soon) and thought I would share as I am sure I am not the only one who dabbles in the car culture AND hero culture. These are quite cheap considering and a great accessory. There is one thing to note on the “cons” side. The scent pellets are not strong enough nor do they last.  I own a Nissan Titan and two Character clips (w/ pellets) could barely fill the cabin with lavender (do not judge). 

Here you can see how small they are to conveniently allow air to pas through. Blocking, the looks, and the security on the vent are all well done. The only downside I have are the actually pellets. They have been on for 2 weeks now and have already lost their scent. But I have a solution…use oil scents. I feel the oil perfume would last longer, but now were are talking an extra expense at that point. So to each their own and desires.

You can see the pellet is small and fit snug on the back of the character. It feels like felt yet can absorb liquids/oil.

Easy Installation!

I did find some on amazon, but they only offer it in threes and 3 pellets to go with them. They are limited on how many they have, and as this writing they only had 16 left.  Total price for the 3 and 3 is $14USD, the link is below

Random4real.com 3pcs/set Cute Automobile Car Vent Perfum Clip For Marvel Avengers Hero Figure Auto Interior Decoration Air Freshener Accessories

Or if you prefer choices I did manage to get a hold of the supplier (in China in case you didn’t notice the writing on the pellet package). They have more options and seems priced fair if you are only wanting one. But I must for warn, the shipping take sometime coming directly from the factory. Think in the realm of 12-20 days. If you are willing to wait, like I did, its a no brainer, PLUS there was a tracking number.

THERE IS A PROMOTION/DISCOUNT OF BUY 1 GET ONE 50% which I used, below is the link!!!


For what its worth they may not last long for what their title claims but it is something that can personalize your vehicle as it has mine…now excuse me while I go watch the TMNT movie.


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