From Fiction to Reality

Some people wonder what it would be like to be a character from a cartoon or film. Sometimes the reality of it, is its scientifically impossible for most. We are at times let down by the fact we are not born from another world or universe. There are those that dream of being something  little more realistic or creating something equal of their childhood ream hero. 

For George Maggs, the manga series ‘Initial-D’ has influenced his automotive adventures to the point of him creating this beautiful machine. The details on the exterior are just about identical to what one would expect of an enthusiast of Initial D. There are those that would scuff at the site of such a vehicle, claiming it to be “childish” or “stupid”. Those people deep inside are missing the big picture here.

Tomica Initial D Ae 86 Trueno

Someone took something they saw on a fiction cartoon and turned it into a reality. Not just any reality, mind you, one that the owner can drive around in and even (law permitting) take it on the backroads to race…just like his favorite manga series. 

Well done Mr. Maggs!


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