Spotify vs Apple Music vs Youtube vs Amazon Music

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There are many different sources of obtaining your music needs. The internet has open the door for all artist from all places of the world to share their music with the populace. That has yet made it easier for the listener and in fact maybe a tad difficult. There are three major forms of acquiring the music you desire. Youtube, Apple, and Spotify have all stepped up their music library to offer what they feel is a good selection for their subscribers. With Perpetualroad being an Automotive Lifestyle blog (offereing free information)  it seems right to offer the differences between the three. We are omitting Pandora as they seem to have fallen off a bit.  If you feel they need to be mentioned please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

As a car enthusiast we listen to music while we drive on the open roads of freedom, adventure, or obligation. We are looking for that playlist or song to listen to depending on our mood. Sometimes it may come down to the price and what we are willing to pay for access. The top three music aps are priced with different attributes and we are going to take a look at them all and give what we use here.

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Spotify, by most, would be considered the top player (pun intended). It has an interface an 80yr old grandmother could use,  the menus are rather simple to navigate through, and offers the ability to play on many if not all electronic devices with Bluetooth capabilities. It does offer a download option, good for up to 30 days for subscribers. 

Pro: Ease of use and great compatibility.

Con: The content does not seem to update with the times (license agreement problems potentially) and recommends the same song/music limiting discovering new songs.

Cost: Free, ad-supported version, or $9.99 monthly. Students can get Spotify for $4.99 a month, plus a free subscription to Hulu. 

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(Photo: Apple Music Interface)

Apple Music started off as iTunes Music, of whom, introduced new music downloads and “underground” artist collections. They seem to have kept that mantra and have some of the best recommendation tools of any of the services.

Their algorithm matches your favorite artist with others that are similar and also Incorporated other interest from your different apple devices to offer you more choices. This keeps the user up to date with their favorite genres and potential new artist they may have never heard of.

Pro: Best recommendations and future, potential, interest.

Con: Designed to work best with Apple devices. A non-Apple device does not work well or at all. Unfortunately, some speakers (Bluetooth) can be affected if not Apple compatible.  

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Cost: 90-day free trial, then $9.99 monthly.

Amazon Music

Photo: Amazon Music

Amazon’s music offers the best pricing deals of any of the services — if you’re already a Prime member (even still, it may not be a bad thing to just sign up now). Plus, it works with everything I can think of (if wrong please state what it doesn’t work with in comment section). It has basically the same songs as Spotify and Apple Music, thus, anything you want to listen to is probably here.

Pro: Lowest pricing, and the interaction with the Echo speakers can’t be discounted. It plays everything from a song you like to a song you want to hear. 

Con: Amazon’s recommendation engine is not very effective, which is surprising since Amazon is so good at offering you ideas to buy products. I picked a few songs to play by Frank Sinatra, and with that, Amazon decided that I only wanted to listen to primarily big band music of the 1940s. I like my big band, but other genres too!

Cost: (Amazon Prime Music offers 2 million songs for on-demand listening as part of the $119 yearly membership of the Prime service, for expedited shipping and online entertainment. The Unlimited offering adds “tens of millions” of songs for $7.99 monthly or $79 yearly, in addition to your Prime fee.)

Youtube Music w/ Premium


The world’s largest and most popular video site also happens to have the best selection of music, hands down. Beyond the latest hits and complete albums of every artist you can imagine, YouTube also has TV dates and live performances, international cuts and artist-uploaded tracks. The selling point for the new YouTube Music is that it will make better recommendations because it  has been following your YouTube viewing history and Google searches. 

Pro: The music selection can’t be beat. With so many artist and potential artist there is no limit 

Con: The extra charge for background listening is unfair to YouTube users, and the recommendations…well almost nonexistent. It is new so there are bugs and it needs to catch up.

Cost: Free, ad-supported version, or ad-free for $9.99 monthly. 

Here at Perpetualroad we hope to have made you a better informed music app subscriber. And the question remains….what is it we use? To answer that we use a combination of them all. We even use Dailymotion, primarily that is the video share we have @ . The point is the best one is whatever fits your budget and desire….with our desire being all things with a motor and wheels and… such as below…

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