We have partnered with Vicrez Auto to offer some new items right out of the US.  They aspire to be an affordable solution for those on a budget. The products they provide are a mix of replicas and their original design mixed into one. Here is a look at their front bumper and splitter combination.

It is a great replica of the Nismo V3 Bumper and or an Amuse type. They then added their own splitter to the bumper itself with their equipment. In their R&D Vicrez reported an increase in down-force when traveling at high speeds, to which we all know helps with cornering. 

Unfortunately, their aero product has not been tested out at a high level of racing, but it is noted its only a matter of time before. Maybe someone who is reading this can step up and put their shop on the map?  

If interested there are links available to look at the product in detail and if really interested to purchase the bumper and splitter. The price for both can be considered high for those on a strict budget but the quality will make up for the difference. Blow are the links. 




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