Initial D Product Launch

There was a time when most knew of the anime named…Initial D. Some people had never seen the show, yet, knew of it. Those of us who grew up on it cannot get enough of it. With word coming out the creator of the anime making another race inspired anime, we Initial D fans wait with excitement.


Shuichi Shigeno was and is the man behind all of Initial D. He decided to call it quits by ending Initial D in 2016 with a “re-make” of the first season called New Initial-D Movie. It was quite the re-make, make no mistake as it was completely redone in HD and all new scenes. He decided to make 3 movies of the whole first season (original release of season 1 was 1998), of which the first season was a total of 26 episodes!

During the late 90’s and early 2000’s anime was making waves and catching ground rather quickly. 20yrs after the first episode aired racing anime has died down and anime in general has also. There is so much content out there people spend as much time watching shows as they do making their “wish list” of hat they intend to watch. Most of what is available in America seems to follow a formula and is not original. There are the occasional shows that are groundbreaking and very different. Initial D was that show and in some ways still is. Nothing has come close to change the way the Japanese automotive scene was like Initial D did. One can argue Wangan Midnight did but remember, that anime came out 10yrs after Initial D.

Its hard to think I have been a fan for almost 20yrs and soon hope to share the anime with my children one day. I hope it never dies out as there are lessons that can be taught by watching the show. It is a piece of history no doubt. Perpetualroad will do anything it can to share and preserve unique, rare, interesting automotive culture of any magnitude. For example the free episodes of the anime we are discussing here.

As a way to keep Initial D alive and well we offer Initial D merchandise at our store, have a look.


Click to get yours>>>>>>>>>Initial D Shirt!   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

All of us will be looking out for the next downhill racer anime as we Initial D fans cannot get enough.



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