New camshaft for the 240z

It has been sometime since I have been on here so jus a quick recap. I have been getting rid of some parts I collected over the years. I felt they needed to be used by those people that would use them. So I did sell the triple mikuni carbs to Wolf Creek Racing through ebay. Ironically a few months prior I bought New Old Stock carbs from him and if one were to consider the amount I sold mine for, I virtually got his for a steal as it,also came with a manifold and air horns. That will be for another post in the future (near I hope).


That is the cam I sold and did so as my car is not a L28 nor has the con-rods to sustain 8000rpm + to use it. So to a new home it went. The specs were quite awesome to say the least and it was still sealed from Schneider, so the new owner should be happy with that.




You can see on the cam card it is a Schneider 300f cam and the lift own it is quite high, especially if I were to use it on a L24.


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