BRE Interpart Mulholland Struts

I purchased some struts some time ago trying to keep with my theme of period correct performance parts. And to my shock I had some extra parts in a shed. One of which is a full set of Interpart Mulholland struts. These were sold in the 70s and the 80s as a aftermarket upgrade using oem springs or their lowering, stiffer springs.


they have seen better days but considering they are 30yrs old they still look and operate quite good.


The internal of the strut is oil filled not gas filled. Unfortunately, once these go bad they can not be rebuilt. Although there is a way to rebuild them but it required a lot of work and if not done correctly it can be a pain and also not give your Datsun a proper balance.


If anyone is interested in these struts do feel free to email or take a look in the classifieds.

initial d stage 5 ep.13 (english subs)

Here is the long over due episode of Initial D fifth stage episode 13 with English subs.

First Item For Sale

DIS Item

It has been a desire of mine to provide others with automotive things to personalize their cars.  I am not a business man nor am I a master mechanic or engineer.  I just have the dream to one day design things for my personal vehicles and if others would want them I would share.  For the last year I have posted on this site with little information I know and my ups and downs of my projects.  Now as stated before I have something to sell and is ill because first of a few in the near future.


Even Super Street Magazine installed one

Installing A Circuit Sports DIS Ignition Amplifier – Project Car Magazine.

It is a direct ignition system for the Nissan 350z or Fairlady Z33 as it is known in other places in the world.  It is made by Circuit Sports and has yet to be installed on any vehicle.  If interested please follow the link here.

Prices will be different for those in North America and International with each having a link.

1990′s GTR time trials

I managed to find my external storage device that has old Japan 400m sprints of different tuning companies of the 1990s.  I thought I would share some of these over the next month or so.  To see it on you tube go to

SA22C Project

I finally found some pics that were posted right before I purchased the vehicle so here we are.


The wheels are old school volks and to be honest I haven’t a clue as to which ones so if anyone would like to chime in please do.


The front headlights are a one off and are currently not hooked up so hence not legal.  But the fog lights work quite well.  You can see the front mount intercooler



The wing will be coming off to make room for a whale tail down the road.  Yet I also may just leave the trunk bare with out a wing of any sort.  For those interested in the type of wing it is a VIS unit that was purchased at a huge discount…needless to say I know why

24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194655177202404Words not needed.

24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194655454073860The tunning was taken of care of at T and R Racing out of New York.  The car put out 412 at 14psi at the rear wheels at a dyno day for all &s in the area.  There is plenty of room for more



24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194657745769480 24811_Mazda_RX-7_129194656418905260The pics are all I have for right now sorry for the water mark from Modified Trader.  More pics will com soon.

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